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My interesti in podcasts came from two separate avenues. First, when I was a lab manager and research at Florida State University, I had  tasks that would require many hours to fulfill. Some of these tasks required very repetitive motions or lots of sitting for a long period of time. These tasks required enough of a focus that I could not multitask doing something else, but mundane enough that it would get very boring after the first hour or so. I always liked to listen to music but after a while you start hearing the same songs over and over. A fellow student of mine introduced me to the idea of podcasts as a way to constructively do your work but also have something else to focus on. After a few suggestions I found them to be very enjoyable and after some research, found that many writers, sports personalities, etc had podcasts whose content was very enjoyable. These made my long days in the lab a little less stressful.

During my stay in Tallahassee there was a quaint little sports bar about  five minutes  from my apartment called Hobbit’s Hoagies. It is an institution in town (it has been there since the early 80s), has great staff, and serves fantastic wings and burgers. Best of all is that it is a great place to have a nice dinner, watch some sports, and chat with friends. A fellow classmate and friend of mine Ricky would go to Hobbit’s every other week to have dinner and catch up. For some reason whenever we would have a conversation our ending point is nowhere near the topic that we first started with. The journey of how our conversations flip from one topic to the next is very fascinating. We can be talking about what happened in chemistry class and end with talking about whether birds in South America fly north for the winter. Upon the conclusions of these “down the rabbit hole” conversations, I always wished that I could have them transcribed or recorded, given the enjoyable nature of them. I always truly admired the podcasters who could have a very good conversation, being informative yet entertaining. Given the easy cost of entry to enter the podcast space and the fact that I like listening to them and enjoy having conversations, the chance to jump right in seemed like a no brainer.

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