Gravity and the Brain

On this episode of the Greg Suess Podcast, Greg and Dr. Dora Angelaki, professor and chair of neuroscience at Baylor College of Medicine discuss an engineering perspective to biology, being trained as a scientist is Greece, how Gravity is tuned and coded in the brain, why multi-system analysis is a good approach in neuroscience, how... Continue Reading →

Emergency FSU podcast with Mark Roberti

On today’s episode Greg is joined by fellow Seminole Mark Roberti. They discuss a recap of the FSU/Alabama game (2:04), Francois’ injury and the effect of the long layoff (21:04), recap the NC state game (28:01), and discus their predictions for the game against Wake Forest and the season outlook (46:04).

NFC preview with Reilly Hannapel

In part 2 of the NFL preview show, Greg sits down with Reilly to discuss the NFC East (1:29), NFC West (26:16), NFC South (58:46), NFC North (1:28:49), and other miscellaneous league items and parting shots (2:00:34)

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