Many People has assisted in making the Greg Suess Podcast a sucess, both in cocept and execution. I would like to thatnk the following production assistants and guests for all of their help and support.

Art Arnold PhD

art arnold

Art Arnold is a Distinguished Professor of Integrative Biology and Physiology at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA). He has held this post for over forty years. He is also a member of the Brain Research Institute, editor-in-chief of the journal Biology of sex differences, trained over a dozen doctoral students, and is an author on over 200 peer reviewed scientific manuscripts & papers. Dr. Arnold is an expert on sexual differences in animals. Specifically, Dr. Arnold is interested in how the interplay of hormones and genes influences sexual determination. In his spare time he enjoys photography as a hobby.

Daniel Almira CPA

daniel almira

Daniel Almira (M.B.A, C.P.A) is a Senior Audit Associate at the accounting & consulting firm KPMG. A graduate of Florida State University’s accounting and business administration program Daniel is currently based out of Miami leading a team of junior accountants on audit projects. He is an expert on college football, at one point being a student writer for Tomahawk nation, a FSU branch of the website SB Nation (Vox media). He also shares great interest in the NFL, NBA, and United States politics.

Cristina Bicchieri P.h.D.

cristina bicchieri picture

Cristina Bicchieri is a Professor of Social Thought and Comparative Ethics in the Philosophy and Psychology Departments at the University of Pennsylvania, professor of Legal Studies in the Wharton School, and director of the Philosophy, Politics and Economics program. Her research focuses on the notion of social norms, behavior psychology, and behavioral ethics. She also does a lot of work with international governments, heading a section of UNICEF focusing on studying social norms in rural parts of the world.

Tracy Bale PhD

tracy bale

Dr. Tracy Bale is a Professor of Pharmacology at the University of Maryland School of Medicine and Director of the Center for Brain Development and Maternal Mental Health.

A nationally-recognized neuroscientist, Dr. Bale is respected for her research on stress as a risk factor for neurodevelopmental disorders and neuropsychiatric disease. Her lab is also making important discoveries linking paternal stress experience to offspring dysregulation through novel epigenetic markers in the sperm. Dr. Bale is leading the Center for Brain Development and Maternal Mental Health to encourage translational research into risk factors impacting women’s health and offspring neurodevelopment.

Heather Caldwell PhD

heather caldwell

Dr. Heather Caldwell is an associate professor & and graduate program coordinator in the biological sciences department at Kent State University. An alumni of Georgia State University’s Biology and Neuroscience department, Dr. Caldwell is an expert on the interplay between social hormones and behavior. In her spare time she is an advocate for science and science communication.

Reilly Hannapel

reilly hannapel

Reilly is a graduate Ph.D. candidate at Georgia State University’s Neuroscience Institute. Previously he completed his undergrad studies in Psychology at Ursinus College (PA) and his M.S. in Cognitive Neuroscience at the University of Durham. His current studies focus on dissociating the roles of dorsal and ventral hippocampal neurons in energy regulation and meal patterning. Outside of the lab he is a huge football fans with rooting interest in the Packers (what a cheesehead).

Hillary Doyle PhD


Dr. Hillary Doyle is an alumnus of Georgia State University’s Neuroscience Institute. She conducted her graduate research on the relationship between sex differences on nocicieption immune responses. She is the author of several peer revised publications in high impact scientific journals. Originally from California, Hillary moved to Georgia at a young age and completed her education right here in the peach state. She is currently working as a science writer & consultant in New York City. Hillary is an avid rock climber, blogger, writer, and overall excellent scientist.

Darcy Kelley PhD

Darcy Kelley

Dr. Kelley is a professor in the Department of Biological Sciences at Columbia University. Her A.B. degree is from Barnard College and her Ph.D. is from The Rockefeller University, where she was also a postdoctoral fellow. She co-directed the Neural Systems and Behavior course at the Marine Biological Laboratory in Woods Hole, Massachusetts, and founded Columbia’s doctoral program in neurobiology and behavior. She is editor of the journal Developmental Neurobiology. Outside of academia Dr. Kelley is a consultant on numerous art projects that involve science in New York City, particularly plays and movies.

David Fried

david fried

David is currently a sales and account associate at Garden of Life, a company that specializes in the science, production, and awareness of natural food products. He is also a product representative at Nelly’s Organic foods. Previously he graduated From Florida State University with a degree in Nutrition. David is an avid sports fan who enjoys the Lakers, Yankees, and Florida State Football.

David Mudd
david mudd

Domingo Rodriguez

domingo rodriguez

Domingo is what you would call a jack of all trades who wears many hats. He is a communication and design associate at the University of Central Florida’s communications department, a Co-Producer,graphics and film editor for the Unintentional grounding Youtube channel, associate producer and media consultant for The Greg Suess Podcast, and chef at World of Beer. Domingo has received his education from both Florida State University and University of Central Florida. In addition to his great knowledge in college football, Domingo as has a keen eye on trends in technology and pop culture.


Mark Roberti

mark roberti

Mark is a graduate biochemist. He completed his undergraduate work in biochemistry at Florida State University and his Masters at Georgia State University. He has also conducted some graduate research at Brandeis University. Mark is an expert on Florida State Football and has great knowledge in the NFL, MLS, and European football.

Kirsten Suess


Kirsten Suess (Marciniak) is an English teacher originally from Florida. Kirsten is a graduate of Florida State and obtained her Master’s from Georgia State, obtaining advanced degrees in both English education and literature respectively. In addition to being an expert in Shakespearean literature ( in particularly women in Shakespeare) she is also a Disney freak (term of endearment) in that she knows more about the Walt Disney company and movies than perhaps anyone that I know. She is also my wife which makes her the, awesomesauce, hot diggity damn, etc. Love you Kirsten !!

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