NFL preview: AFC North

In a continuation of the NFL preview show, Greg, Reilly, Evan, and Chris dissect the Ravens and the Browns in their AFC south Preview. Note: due to technical difficulty our discussion on the Bengals and Steelers is omitted.

NFL Preview: NFC West

In a continuation of the NFL preview show, Greg, Reilly, Evan, and Chris dissect the Cardinals (Intro), Seahawks (3:25), 49ers (8:40), and the Rams (15:32) in their preview of the NFC West.

NFL preview: NFC South

In the third annual NFL preview show, Greg sits down with Reilly, Evan, and Chris to talk the NFC south. First things first is a 2017 playoff review challenge (3:15), an overview of the NFC south (8:16), then diving into previewing the seasons for the Panthers (9:39), Falcons (16:40), Saints (24:10), and the Buccaneers (32:25).

NFL draft predictions with Reilly Hannapel

Part 2 of the NFL off-season podcast has Greg and Reilly talking about the NFL draft, specifically what does Cleveland do at 1 (2:07), the quarterback class (7:41), the Giants draft strategy (15:46), the rest of the draft big board and quarterback fits (18:52),Packers and Colts draft strategy and some breaking news!!! (37:47)

Emergency FSU podcast with Mark Roberti

On today’s episode Greg is joined by fellow Seminole Mark Roberti. They discuss a recap of the FSU/Alabama game (2:04), Francois’ injury and the effect of the long layoff (21:04), recap the NC state game (28:01), and discus their predictions for the game against Wake Forest and the season outlook (46:04).

NFC preview with Reilly Hannapel

In part 2 of the NFL preview show, Greg sits down with Reilly to discuss the NFC East (1:29), NFC West (26:16), NFC South (58:46), NFC North (1:28:49), and other miscellaneous league items and parting shots (2:00:34)

AFC preview with Reilly Hannapel

In Part one of the Greg Suess Podcast NFL preview Greg sit down with Reilly Hannapel to discuss the AFC vs NFC (2:24), the AFC East (4:04), AFC West (25:58), AFC North (42:44) and the AFC South (59:14). They then wrap the podcast up with discussing how the rookie crop of quarterbacks will fair &... Continue Reading →

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