A Neuroscience homecoming with Matia Solomon

Greg sits down with Brains and Behavior annual retreat guest Lecturer Matia Solomon, a GSU alum, to to talk about her homecoming and changes at GSU (3:06), research that her lab does in psychopathologies (7:50), switching between model organisms (10:07), juggling the many hats of an academic (14:37), structuring a lab and what to look... Continue Reading →

Follow your gut with Rob Knight

On this week's podcast Greg sits down with Dr. Rob Knight, professor in pediatrics and computer engineering ath the University of California San Diego and co-founder of the American Gut Project and the Earth Microbiome Project to discuss growing up in New Zealand then transferring to graduate school in the states (2:27), transitioning from traditional... Continue Reading →

Helping children one breath at a time with Nino Ramirez

On today's podcast Greg sits down with Dr. Nino Ramirez, professor and director for integrative brain research at Seattle's children hospital about moving and conducting research all over the world through graduate school and post-doc training (1:35), the inspiration (pun intended) to study biological rhythms related to children’s diseases (6:38), research studying biological respiratory rhythms... Continue Reading →

NFL draft predictions with Reilly Hannapel

Part 2 of the NFL off-season podcast has Greg and Reilly talking about the NFL draft, specifically what does Cleveland do at 1 (2:07), the quarterback class (7:41), the Giants draft strategy (15:46), the rest of the draft big board and quarterback fits (18:52),Packers and Colts draft strategy and some breaking news!!! (37:47)

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