This is creative! A Q&A with Greg Suess

  The latest edition of the Potential magazine has a profile of Greg Suess, creator of the Greg Suess Podcast and Neuroscience Phd candidate of GSU's Neuroscience Institute.  The profile is a Q&A asking questions about how the podcast was conceived to inspirations on topics. The Q&A transcript is below but you can also find... Continue Reading →

Helping children one breath at a time with Nino Ramirez

On today's podcast Greg sits down with Dr. Nino Ramirez, professor and director for integrative brain research at Seattle's children hospital about moving and conducting research all over the world through graduate school and post-doc training (1:35), the inspiration (pun intended) to study biological rhythms related to children’s diseases (6:38), research studying biological respiratory rhythms... Continue Reading →

Gravity and the Brain

On this episode of the Greg Suess Podcast, Greg and Dr. Dora Angelaki, professor and chair of neuroscience at Baylor College of Medicine discuss an engineering perspective to biology, being trained as a scientist is Greece, how Gravity is tuned and coded in the brain, why multi-system analysis is a good approach in neuroscience, how... Continue Reading →

A GSU homecoming with Heather Caldwell

Heather Caldwell, Professor and graduate coordinator at Kent State Unniversity and a GSU alum reminisces about Atlanta (1:11), looking at mentor relationships (4:30), Georgia State’s footprint at Kent State (7:00), the importance of your model in scientific research and the role of oxytocin in aggression & social behavior (10:04), what it is like working at the... Continue Reading →

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