The Future of imaging with Tammie Benzinger

Greg sits down with Dr. Tammie Benzinger, a research professor in Neuroimaging at Washington University at St. Louis to discuss her unique role in scientific research (58s), how imaging techniques have evolved in the last twenty years (2:59), using neuroimaging to diagnose Alzheimer's disease (8:58), observing biomarkers that examine neural connectivity (17:40), the challenges of... Continue Reading →

Women of Atlanta Neuroscience

This week's podcast is a round table discussion talking about the obstacles and roadblocks women in science careers face. Katie Partrick, Laura Cortes (Georgia State University), and Desiree De Leon (Emory University) first talk about the inspiration for conducting this podcast (5:23), what drove them to enter a STEM graduate program as well as their... Continue Reading →

The art of Science with Karl Kroeppler

On today's very special episode of the Greg Suess Podcast, Greg sits down with local Atlanta artist Karl Kroeppler to discuss his inspiration for art (2:43), how to judge art talent (6:38), his journey from Arizona to Atlanta (8:40), living with the neurological condition Trigeminal Neuralgia (12:29), the struggles of living with Trigeminal Neuralgia and... Continue Reading →

A GSU homecoming with Heather Caldwell

Heather Caldwell, Professor and graduate coordinator at Kent State Unniversity and a GSU alum reminisces about Atlanta (1:11), looking at mentor relationships (4:30), Georgia State’s footprint at Kent State (7:00), the importance of your model in scientific research and the role of oxytocin in aggression & social behavior (10:04), what it is like working at the... Continue Reading →

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