Time for some Science with Karen Gamble

On the latest episode of the Greg Suess Podcast, Greg sits down with Karen Gamble, associate professor in Psychiatry at the University of Alabama Birmingham and a GSU Brains and Behavior alum. They begin with reminiscing about a GSU homecoming and inspirations for going into science (1:48), the life of electrophysiology experiments during post-doctoral training (10:10), the role of GSK3 in the modulation of the molecular clock (14:53), the properties of SCN neurons (27:02), how circadian work can be used to study shift work (28:11), how chronobiology research can help understand human disorders (38:03), reminiscing about graduate school days at GSU in Atlanta (40:38), the exciting science at UAB and the Neuroscience Roadmaps Scholars program (42:53), and how Birmingham is as a city (51:59).


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