Women of Atlanta Neuroscience

This week’s podcast is a round table discussion talking about the obstacles and roadblocks women in science careers face. Katie Partrick, Laura Cortes (Georgia State University), and Desiree De Leon (Emory University) first talk about the inspiration for conducting this podcast (5:23), what drove them to enter a STEM graduate program as well as their role models in science growing up (7:13), advice given from female science mentors (16:38), the pressures women have choosing between a family and a career (19:28), what males need to understand in regards to the difficulties women are facing (29: 14), discussing personal examples of sexual discrimination (42:06), what can academia do to increase female retention (52:03), work life balance strategies ( 58:53), and advice to future women scientists (1:05:43).

Below are pictures of our discussants with a quick bio on them:

Katie Partrick: https://neuroscience.gsu.edu/profile/katherine-partrick/

katie partrick picture

Laura Cortes: https://neuroscience.gsu.edu/profile/laura-cortes/

laura cortes picture

Desiree De Leon: https://www.larryjyoung.com/people

Desiree De Leon

A link to Desiree’s Instagram account about little things!women in science picture

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