Cognitive enhancement and the marriage between neuroscience and philosophy with Adina Roskies

In the first podcast of 2018, Greg talks with Dartmouth proffessor and Neuroethics expert Adina Roskies about advantages in having training in both philosophy and neuroscience (1:39), being a philosopher and an experimental neuroscience at the same time (7:04), evolution of neuroethics the last twenty years (8:10), the use of fMRI in the courtroom (10:45), ethics of cognitive enhancers, deep brain stimulation, as well as other novel neuroscience techniques (16:33), benefits of being a neuroscientist and a philosopher in relaying your questions and findings to lay people (23:59), importance in incorporating philosophical principles into biological research. (26:47), as well as being a women in science and future research (30:52)


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